Fereshteh Behinkish

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About Me

Serving the greater Los Angeles with 22 years of experience in residential and commercial properties. 

Now serving clients internationally. As a devoted real estate professional, I will make every effort to ensure your 

experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. So, whether you are seriously interested in getting into the 

real estate market, or simply just looking, I can help you find the answers to your questions about 

homeownership and selling your home.

My goal is to assist you in finding that perfect home. Whether you want a big backyard or a 3-car garage, will 

find you that special property. My experience will ensure that you are satisfied. Feel free to contact me if you 

have any questions about buying or selling your home. I am here to help you through the process, even if it is just 

answering general market questions or finding the right financial options for you.

Contact me at: fereshtehbehinkish@msn.com today to find out how I can help you out from under an old 

home and into a new one.

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